WOLFman 555. Start: Orlické mountines Date: 25. 6. 2022 5:00 morning. Length: 555Km, climb about 9 Km

Ultra-endurance NONSTOP mountain bike races WITHOUT SUPPORT in the Broumov and Orlické mountains. You will enjoy a lot of riding hills, mega power of single trails. Shops and restaurants available along the route. Perfect background and restpoint in the middle of the event - so you don't have to take many things with you!

WOLFman 2222. Start: Orlické mountines Date: 13. 8. 2022 5:00 morning. Length: 2222Km, climb about 37Km

NONSTOP UNSUPPORTED bike racing across long range. Track around the Czech Republic on a FAST and RIDEABLE route - no more carrying your bike on your back. Off-road, gravel, and a bit of asphalt. Suitable for MOUNTAIN BIKES and GRAVEL!