Tonda Liebel

He lives and does pathfinding in the Beskydy mountains. His idea of the most beautiful bike trip is riding with his kids.

Martin Čunát

He’s grateful to be among WOLFman’s pathfinders and is looking forward to Štěpán’s race, be it from an organizer’s, or participant’s perspective. He’s taking care of Lužické hory portion of the track.

Štěpán Stránský

A bikepacker in body and soul, Štěpán had an article published about him at welovecycling.com. He supervises and revises every portion of the track. He also finds paths through Orlické hory and other parts of the country.

Standa Valdman

Standa is the organizer of the bikepacking event Toulání Šumavou. He helps WOLFman with pathfinding in Šumava and surrounding areas.

David Stella

David is a sports reporter, photographer, and editor. He is a versatile biker who can do everything from road to enduro. He’s a bikepacker at heart and pathfinder for the Krkonoše mountains, the tallest Czech mountain range.

Jakub Pawlas

Jakub is the husband of the wonderful Lucie and father to heavenly Dorota. He is a nutrition expert and coach who blazes a trail for biking through the largely unexplored Opava and Ostrava area.

Vláďa Mišík

Vláďa is a lone wolf, who routinely flies through Krušné hory on various bikes from his collection. He finds the paths for WOLFman there too.